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Related article: inns painted on the door or hind boot of his coaches. Thus a white horse, a spread eagle, or a swan with two necks was repre- sented according to the inn from which the coach started. Mention has already been made of the large number of coaches which left the "White Horse," among which were : the Dover, Portsmouth, and Yarmouth Aux- iliary Mails ; while stage-coaches were represented by the famous Manchester Telegraph, which did the 1 86 miles in i8| hours, and went via Northampton, Market Harborough and Leicester; the York Highflyer, a light post coach, the Shrewsbury Triumph, the Norwich Magnet, the Poole and Salisbury coaches, and others too numerous to mention. It will not be surprising, there- fore, to learn that the yard of the inn provided stable accommo- dation for over seventy horses. This hostelry had many aristo- cratic visitors, and it is recorded that Lord Chancellor Eldon stayed there in 1766. The follow- ing extract from his " Life " gives a good idea of life in Fetter Lane at that date : — "After I got to town, my brother, now Lord S to well, met me at the ' White Horse * in Fetter Lane, Holborn, then the great Oxford House, as I was told. He took me to see the play at Drury Lane. When we came out of the house it rained hard. Diamox Online i«99-] HARES. 97 There were then few hackney coaches, and we got both into one sedan chair. Turning out of Fleet Street into Fetter Lane, there was a sort of contest be- tween our chairman and some persons who were coming up Fleet Street, whether they should first pass Fleet Street or we in our chair first get out of Fleet Street into Fetter Lane. In Diamox Sr the struggle the sedan chair was over- set with us in it." In conclusion it may be men- tioned that it was Mr. Roberts, nephew of the afore- mentioned Chaplin, who first planned the principle of placing the driving- box upon springs, much to the satisfaction of coachmen, who had hitherto been severely bumped on the old coach-box. W. Fradgley Moore. Hares. With the end of February comes the end of the old English sport of hare-hunting, the sport cele- brated in old English ballads, the "hunting" which King Charles the Second, of merry memory, pursued on Newmarket Heath as his grandfather did on the chalk downs above Royston assisted Buy Diamox Online by the historic " Towler " and other hounds. The "Dog Derby" at Formby is over ; in the Waterloo Cup, which dates from the year of the Queen's Accession, has culminated the apotheosis of coursing, the Blue Ribbon of the Leash. But (as ground game) " poor Puss " is still unprotected by close months on this side St. George's Channel, though hares, English - bred, may not, by a recent Act, be exposed for sale between March and July. But hare Diamox Sequel - shooting has never ranked as first - class sport in England, it merely adds var ety to a mixed bag in certain parts of the country, chiefly wild open grass land, where hares are spe- cially plentiful. In Germany, however, the Emperor is wont to have an annual grand battue of hares, hundreds falling in one day to his gun. It is as the objective of harriers and beagles and their green-coated huntsman that the hare, with us, ranks, primarily, as an object of chase. But on no account can she be classed in the same category with the fox, for the timid, mean - spirited little creature is addicted to ringing round in a circle, thereby, how- ever, adding to the enjoyment of the footmen and roadsters of the field. "To hold with the hare and run with the hounds " is an old proverb which illustrates the sport, though nowadays those who practise it figuratively would be termed in America " copper- heads," Diamox 500 Mg or described as sitting on a rail. In proverb and poetry, gene- rally, the timid hare ranks as a poor thing. Dryden, in his " Hind Diamox Cost and Panther," a political allegory, uses her as the type of the Quakers : — 44 Among the timid kind, the quaking hare Professed neutrality, but would not sware. " Hair-brained " is Shakesperian for rash, though now it has come to mean feather-headed, while " mad as a March hare " was a recognised term of contempt long before Alice's Tea-party made 98 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [FEBRVAftY Lewis Carroll's delightful creation a classic character in English literature. Shakespeare's Prince Hal avers himself Diamox Sequels as melancholy as a hare or a lover's lute, the eating of hare's flesh being sup- posed, in a day when certain foods were imagined directly to affect the mind, to engender melancholy. Despite her seemingly inoffen- sive character, the hare in folk- lore has a certain flavour of necromancy. A " hare's lip " malformation in human beings is, we learn from King Lear, equally with a squint, the work of " that foul fiend Flibbertigibbet." Then witches were wont, on occasion, to assume the forms of hares, though they preferred those of black cats. Thus it was unlucky, on setting out in the morning, if a hare crossed your path, as Ellison hath it in his •* Trip to Ben well " : " Nor did we meet, with Diamox Price nimble feet, One fearful little lepus, That certain sign, as some divine, Of fortune bad, to keep Diamox Iv us."